Tottenham’s New Stadium Plans Looking Unlikely

Tottenham have been forced to announce that it is ‘highly unlikely’ that they are to move to their proposed new stadium at Northumberland Park in 2017.

The English club must appear at the high court after the last remaining landowner, Archway Sheet Metal Works Ltd, owned by the Josif Family, exercised their right to appeal against a Compulsory Purchasing Order.

Spurs’ plans were to move to their new 56,000-seater capacity ground for the start of the 2017-18 season, adjacent to their current stadium White Hart Lane.

The club are also seeking alternative stadium for a single season, which could be anywhere within the south-east.

“Given the lengthy period of time taken to reach the CPO decision in the first place, we should like to advise supporters that it is highly unlikely we shall be able to open the new stadium at the start of the 2017/2018 season,” a statement released on Tottenham’s official website read.

“The club has revised its construction programme in order to take the shortest possible time to construct.”

“This now, therefore, involves the club moving away from the Lane during construction for a period of one season, to start at the beginning of a season in order to comply with Premier League rules.”

“Clearly all possible options have pros and cons and we are aware that we shall not be able to find one which will please all parties.”

“We shall however seek to find the optimum solution for the club and our supporters and we shall be sharing our deliberations with our supporters at an appropriate time.”


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