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Liverpool Owner Drops Marco Reus Hint

Liverpool owner John W Henry on his Twitter page. The Reds have reportedly been linked with a move or the Germany international during the summer transfer window and that hasn’t stopped since.

Rues has a buyout clause in his contract applicable next summer, and that makes him in reach with Liverpool, and there would be nothing his current club Borussia Dortmund could do to stop it.

Dortmund have tried to get Reus to sign a new contract but he has refused to do so, and there is even a possibility of German Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich snatching the player, and Dortmund would surely find a transfer to England more palatable than that.

Reus in action for Borussia Dortmund

And anytime John W Henry tweets about anything, many of his replies come from fans asking him to bring Marco Reus to Anfield. And this mischievous tweet on Wednesday evening is perhaps more a hint that he’s sick of the tweets than a pledge to listen to them!

That also shows a humourous side and that the Liverpool owner is in touch with Liverpool fans.


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