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Frannie Collin Has High Hopes In The English FA Cup

Maidstone United’s Frannie Collin in action in their 10-0 win over Littlehampton in the first qualifying round of the English FA Cup

Maidstone United striker Frannie Collin has high hopes in this term’s FA Cup run, and would love his side to progress into the first round of the FA Cup.

He showed his class with a hat-trick against Littlehampton in a 10-0 win in the first qualifying round of the competition, and he looks to add on to his 11 goals this season so far when United face Brentwood in the second qualifying round on Saturday.

“I must have the worst record in non-league football! The furthest I’ve got is the final qualifying round with Dover and I’d be buzzing if we could reach the first round,” said Collin.

“You get to November and there will be a non-league club on television against a Football League side.”

“There’s players you’ve played with or against and you’re sat there thinking ‘is there any chance of me getting there?’”

“You might get to play league sides during pre-season but they’re false games. It’s ridiculous that some people aren’t bothered about the FA Cup.”

“It’s still the biggest cup competition in the world and I’d love to go on a run, not just for me personally but for the club.”

“We must be the only non-league team who want to reach the first round and get a home draw rather than a big away game. ”

“That way we can show off the 3G pitch now it’s been cleared for the main draw.”


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