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I Learned Everything About West Ham United Watching ‘Green Street’

West Ham United’s Enner Valencia

West Ham United’s new striker Enner Valencia has admitted that all he knew about the Hammers when he arrived in England this summer was from watching the film ‘Green Street’.

Valencia says that the images portrayed on celluloid could not be further from the truth.

“I knew about West Ham mainly from watching films,” Valencia said.

“So I knew that the supporters were very passionate. I don’t remember all the names but I remember ‘Green Street’.”

“I respected the fact that they are very passionate supporters and when I found out I was coming here, I didn’t know what to expect.”

“But as soon as I arrived I was told that that was all back in the day, in the old days, and it has all changed now.”

“In fact, here in England fans are more respectful in the sense that in South America, if you lose a match you can’t even go out in the street.”

“It happened in Ecuador when I was playing for my previous club Emelec. We had to beat our local rivals Barcelona in order to move onto the same points – but we couldn’t get the win.”

“It was very difficult to get everyone out of the stadium. We were mugged.”

If Valencia wanted any luxuries, he had to go an extra mile, being familiar to physical struggle.

“Yes, it’s true that I come from a very poor background. In order to buy my first boots I had to go and work with my dad on the farm milking cows,” Valencia added.

“I had to sell the milk and stuff in order to afford to buy my first boots.”

Tomorrow on Saturday will see West Ham play Manchester United at the original Theatre of Dreams, Old Trafford.

“The Premier League, I used to watch it on the telly and now, being here, I am living the dream,” Valencia said.

“I can say that it has been a good start. The way that I have adapted to the Premier League, It has been a very good start.”

“Everyone loves to play against Manchester United and if you get the chance you would love to beat them.”

“I’m extremely happy. Very, very thankful to be here and I am trying to enjoy every minute.”


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