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John O’Shea Is A True Leader – Gus Poyet

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Sunderland manager Gus Poyet praised his side’s captain John O’Shea ahead of Saturday’s English Premier League trip to in-form Southampton, and was full of glowing words for the Republic of Ireland hero in midweek, as he scored an injury-time equaliser to earn 1-1 UEFA Euro 2016 Group D Qualifier draw with Germany, and Poyet is pleased with the example set by the 33-year-old who signed a new two-year contract extension on Thursday.

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“It’s the whole thing, definitely the influence of Manchester United because he was there playing with top players, and I am sure he took things from different characters,” the Uruguayan said.

“He cannot imitate – he cannot be his previous captain, Roy Keane – but he can imitate other ones. It’s just to learn and put what you are into the job. He does it naturally, I can tell you, there are no issues.”

“He’s always there, he’s always on time, he is always fit – or most of the time – he looks after himself, he represents the club well, the players. That’s why he is the captain.”

“You have different types of captain at different clubs, sometimes because of how good they are and they have to be the captain, sometimes because they lead by example, sometimes because they have even better, the package he’s got, he represents us on the pitch.”

“He’s a very good link between the staff and the players on the pitch. He knows what we want, he understands – it doesn’t mean he agrees, but he understands, and that’s important for us because he knows most of the time what we need.”


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