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Nigel Pearson Wants Improvement

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Leicester City boss Nigel Pearson felt that his side’s quality let them down as they loss 2-0 at Swansea City, with the hosts’ Wilfried Bony ensuring the visitors to be getting nothing from their trip to the Liberty Stadium as he made his league goalscoring tally four strikes in three matches with one in each half against the shot-shy Foxes.

Despite Pearson lining up his visiting side on their trip to south Wales in attacking fashion, they were unable to offer swift support as the Swans dominated and picked up all three points, leaving the Midlanders sitting 16th-placed in the English Premier League table.

“Our quality let us down today,” Pearson told Sky Sports 1.

“I look at the first half in particular with unforced errors in possession and we put ourselves under too much pressure.”

“We constantly gave the ball away and that’s where we have to improve on a poor performance like today. We didn’t give ourselves enough of a chance to win the game.”

“The two goals we conceded, again work to be done. It shows you just how difficult it is to replicate our really good performances.”

“We have to work hard as we know as we can and on top of that the quality has to be there. I’m not trying to take anything away from Swansea’s performance but we contributed to our own downfall and that’s probably the most disappointing thing.”

After their magnificent 5-3 victory at home to Manchester United in September Leicester have collected just one point and asked whether Pearson thinks there is still a hangover in camp, he said: “I don’t think so. There is a tendency for people to maybe raise expectations. Some of our performances this season have been very good and we’ve picked up points in games where people probably haven’t expected us to.”

“There is this strange perception that you should do alright against other sides, but the reality of course is that there are lots of very good teams in this division with experience and knowhow of operating and the margins are very, very small.”

“I know what my players are capable of, but I also know this is a tough division to operate in but we can still get better and we will get better.”


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