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Mario Balotelli Revealed As Kindest Footballer Around

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Under-fire Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli is beginning to gather positive comments thanks to his goal against Swansea City in the English Capital One Cup most recently, and an amazingly huge act of kindness towards a young Reds fan.

Jack Gandy, and 11-year-old Anfield supporter, along with his father, climbed up the wall at Melwood to watch Balotelli along with the squad in training, as he recalls the story about the Italian striker.

Jack’s father, Lee, said” “We just couldn’t believe it, he’s such a nice person. Jack’s a massive, massive Liverpool fan. He can tell you anything about every player.”

“He broke up for half term last week and we went to watch them train over the wall at Melwood on Friday.”

“Mario went to the far side and was doing longshots and we were watching him ping them in.”

“Jack was clapping him as he went to go in and Mario turned and waved. The next minute he came round the back of the goal, scooped up a ball and signed it, before passing it to Jack and then told him ‘you be good’.”

“I said ‘thank you so much Mario’ and he turned round, put his thumb up and said ‘no problem’.”

This wasn’t it as he continued the events which took place after they once again spotted the 24-year-old leaving the training ground.

“All the fans were outside afterwards and Mario stopped his car and told the security guard to let Jack come over.”

“We went up to his car and he said to Jack ‘you couldn’t get a picture up there, would you like one now?’”

“He put his hand up to him and I said to Jack ‘he wants to shake your hand!’. Mario held his hand and I took the picture. Jack’s just so made up.”

“I had the Swansea game on the radio on Tuesday and when Mario scored Jack was jumping around his room.”

“He loves Mario now, he keeps saying to me ‘he’s such a nice person’. He’s put such a big smile on his face.”

“You see him on the pitch and he looks angry all the time but he was so nice with Jack, I just think people should know about him doing things like this.”

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