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Pochettino to increase Tottenham’s training intensity in the new year

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino wants his players to get even fitter in 2015.

Pochettino’s exacting training methods have tested the resolve of the Spurs’ squad, but it appears they are now seeing the benefits.

Statistics indicate that the team are running, on average, three miles more per game than they were last season.

However, Pochettino is set to increase his side’s training intensity in the new year.

“You can always improve in all areas and I have never set a limit,” Pochettino said.

“As with tactical situations, you can always improve your physical condition and you can always do better every day.”

“That is our challenge: never to stop working, and after that we will see where the limit is. It is difficult to know whether there is another team in better condition than us. Because we don’t have access to certain statistics, it is something you sense only at the start of a game.”

Standard Sports claims that the White Hart Lane boss is keen to move on a number of fringe players, if possible during the January transfer window, but he insisted he would not be pressing club chairman Daniel Levy to do so.

He added: “We have had a lot of private chats and I have told him my thoughts. But I would never apply pressure about this matter and I am happy with the squad.”


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