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I will put Everton future ahead of my job security – Martinez

Roberto Martinez

Everton manager Roberto Martinez says he will put the future of his side aheda of his job security every time.

The Toffees’ boss is under scrutiny from fans after a poor season for the Goodison Park side, but the Spaniard will not put the club’s future at risk just to find a quick-fix for his reputation.

“I want to work in terms of achieving a winning team and that’s always the focus,” he said.

“We have three competitions next season and we have to be as good as we can.

“It’s not about just doing things to doing things to save the manager’s job.

“I don’t believe in football in that manner, in football you need to have a real good long-term strategy as a football club to become better in every six months, every window.

“You have to put things in place to ensure the next year is going to be better than the last two years.

“From a performance point of view we want to win games and become a winning team.”


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