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I’ll only join Liverpool or Manchester United if I’m first choice – Ings

Burnley striker Danny Ings is a transfer target for both Liverpool and Manchester United, as well as Real Sociedad, but he says he will decide which club to join this summer on the basis of who can promise regular first-team football, and which manager can coach him to a higher standard.

22-year-old Ings’s current contract with the Clarets expires at the end of the season, desires to ensure that his career does not take a “backward step”, as what has happened to Jack Rodwell, Victor Moses and Scott Sinclair after joining elite sides in the English Premier League.

He says that this factor is important when he chooses between United, Liverpool or Sociedad, all of whom are keen to sign him.

Ings told the Independent: “One thing I don’t want to do is go somewhere and, not rot, but all of a sudden disappear for a while. Somewhere you don’t really get a look-in. I always back myself and no matter what step I take next I want to well.

“One thing I do want next year no matter where I am – and I don’t know where that is going to be – is to work with a manager who is going to coach me and really develop me as a player. That’s all you can ask for, to learn and be the best you can be. It is important that you do get football. A lot of other things can suck you in when it comes to moves and I am sure that has happened inh the past to people.

“My main aim next year is, wherever I am, to play football and to enjoy it and develop. You don’t want to have a good couple of years, come through the Championship, have a good first year in the Premier League and then not play in the Premier League for another year or so because that is a backward step.

“No matter what contract anyone is on it is important you are playing football. It is a short career and you have to earn a living but at the same time playing football is the best way to get better contracts anyway.”

Ings says that he will wait until late in May before making his decision with his agent Daivd Threlfall.

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