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Advocaat “very, very angry” after loss at Bournemouth

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Sunderland manager Dick Advocaat said he was “very, very angry” with his players after his side’s 2-0 loss at Bournemouth on Saturday.

It took Callum Wilson and Matt Ritchie nine minutes to put the Cherries on top, but Advocaat has also said he will consider his own contribution, with the Black Cats still winless after the opening six English Premier League games.

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“I said after the game that I would think about what I did wrong – the meeting, the training, the line-up, whatever,” he said.

“I like to think about that, but the players also have to face it as well.

“What we brought and what Bournemouth brought was different.

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“I have all the respect for Bournemouth, but if you see their names on paper, you have to say that we had to do a little bit more than we did.

“We cannot keep saying there’s 32 games to go. If you’ve played six games and you’ve only got two points, that’s not good.

“I’m very angry with the way we started the game.

“We knew with only two points from five games, that if you have a chance to do something, then it was here.

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“But Bournemouth understood that much better than us.

“We didn’t start playing until we were 2-0 down. By then, it is too late.

“I’m very, very angry with the players because this is not the first time.

“The way we gave the goals away… At this level, that’s not possible.”

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