Crystal Palace can win the Premier League in the next 10 years – Parish

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Crystal Palace co-chairman reckons the Eagles could win the English Premier League in the next ten years.

Parish is looking to complete a deal with US investors Josh Haris and David Blitzer before Christmas.

And he claims that could influence a transformation into title contenders for the Selhurst Park side.

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“Someone came along and picked them up, they had no chance of winning the league back then,” he said.

“So this is part of a journey, it’s part of progression. Do I think Palace will win the league this year or next year? It’s unlikely.

“We need the right level of progression and the right level of investment. But you need to make something attractive enough to come along and invest in.

“We’re getting there and in 10 or 15 years it might be possible.

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“The fans are cheering for progression, cheering the players, cheering as we beat sides we’ve never beaten before. We have beaten Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea.

“So maybe one day we can do it and win the league. We’ve really put our foot on the pedal in terms of the quality of players and the money we’ve spent.

“We realise there’s a real opportunity and now is the time to invest.”

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